Oct 31, 2011



I'm  practicing Japanese cursive wrting  in my living. room

By the way, the sentence above  is pronounced "mizumizuto
saranimoritaruaobatoru, hasinosakimade, sizukanariaki".

It is really difficult to write as well as read the cursive style.
I'm wondering when ever I can be master.

Oct 30, 2011

Look at these fresh and juicy vegetables!

I harvested them in my garden yesterday.
These is pesticide-free vegetables .
I cooked spring roll and soup witht the long onions ,the eggplants were sauted before eating.   They were really tasty.

I went to karaoke with my daughter.

My daughter is singing  "Everyday  katyuusha” by AKB48  enthusiastically.
I am singing "Loving you" by Minnie Riperton with feeling.
we two have been holding on a mike for 2 hours.
Today was kind of fun.

Oct 28, 2011

cute spray mum!

these spray mum bloom in my garden at this time every year.
I have grown them for 4 years.
All I have to do is to trim in June .
It is easy to raise them.
I love these cute small chrysanthemums which fatal is red

Today was a wonderful day!

Guess what!

I was pleased to comunication with  a boy who usually didn't talk a lot through cat's cradle , incidentally I work at schoolchildren house to look after kids after school.
I wanna study to make more kinds of shapes with string for  more conversation with them.

Oct 27, 2011

I have knitted a hair tie out of wool.

It' been a long time since I knitted last .
It takes about 30 minutes to finish one hair tie.
I made as many as three hair ornaments at once in high spirits.

Oct 25, 2011

Today was a big day in my life!

I  decided to write diary of  three lines every day from today.

I am not confident in English composition ,However, I will try it.
I hope to improve my English skills.

"Perceverance brngs success."

I  hope that someone will correct my wrong expression of English.