May 31, 2013

Rainy days will begin before long .

I work at a day care center fot children,and  we had some 30 new students 
 and two new  young workers in this month of April.
I had to memorize their names and know their characters and  created a work
 manual in order to have the two new workers to figure out  our works 
as soon as possible.
 In addition to that, I have been planning a trip to  Hokkaido area for the past
few weeks : My mother asked me to make an intinerary for our trip to Hokkaido.
That's why I was not able to update my blog for nearly two months or more.
While I was tight with the business tasks and routine duties, Spring is going to
finish so soon and rainy days will begin before long in Japan. Now, everything is
settled in good condition,
Since I was very busy, I wasn't able to check on my garden.  My favorite
flowers in my garden bloomed one after the other for 2 months - first the
 Grape hyacinth , then the Spirea, then the light orange Azeleas, then the J
apanese Snowflowers, then the Clematis then the Roses and so on.


grape hyacunth
the spirea


   Japanese Snowflowers




I am trying to grow melons, which seeds were given by a kindhearted women.
She is one of my blog readers. The melons are in my garden now.
Now their little true leaves have just sprouted - It's my first time to grow it
in my garden.
Growing them is one of my excitement for this year as far as my gardening
is concerned. If I could grow them well and have delicious melons, I would
like to give their sisters to someoneー perhaps to gardening lovers- like her.


  Besides melons , lettuces , red raddishes ,edible chrysanthemus, gumbos are
 growing day by day.
Japanese gingers also are streching up.

This picture of cherryblossoms was taken on the way to The Cupnoodle
-Museum in Yokohama-my hometown.
I was very lucky to be able to see beautiful cherryblossoms unexpectedly.
Tomorrow is Saturday but I have to go to work early.
Though I love to sit up late at night, I could not do it tonight. That is too bad.
Everybody,  have a lovely weekend.