Jun 1, 2014

How have you been?

 I have been too lazy to post new article. However, these flowers in my garden just made me want to upload the photos.

 The Deutzia tree( 空木、 Japanese snow flower) is fully blooming now right at my doorstep. The contrast between the pure white deutzias and orange roses are extremely lovely.

Here is a  picture of  my strawberries. Finally, after 5 years, they are now back in my garden. My strawberries are used to be eaten by slugs but they luckily they are spared this year. I feel very delighted.

 And lastly, my Kenndama.

 I started doing my Kenndama a few months ago for a new challenge. I hope to get the license in the first grade of the senior class in the near future. I practice it every day though, it is quite difficult to master the new technique from what I expected.

Then,   everyone, have  great June !