Jun 7, 2012

My Garden in June

Let me show you how my garden looks like now. My favorite roses
 have a lot of  green aphid  now. I have to spray on  this weekend.

This "Deutzia" tree is planted at the northern part of  my garden,
but it has lots of  lovely flowers every June.

I love this tantalizing aroma of "Philadelphus  Satsumi ".

This  is "Rose Campion", which white woolly foliage
and showy crimson are very charming.

"Bellflowers" &"Astilbe"
  The Bellflowers grow vigorously as well as the above Rose Campion

My favorite  "kalmia"
The color of bud is bright pink,and flower's color is pale pink.
This flower like a umbrella is pretty cute, I think.


I  cooked  saute with above spinaches and sausage and enoki
musharoom, last  sprincled with some pine nuts. I like it a lot.

Recently, my son went on aschool excursion to Kyoto. I heard he had
a lot of fun. This brings  back  old my memories which I visited to 
kyoto as a junior high school student. He had taken nearly 200 photos there.

Here  is a picture of Kinkakuji temple that  he liked it best during  the trip.
Kinkakuji was concerned in the 1390s as aretirement villa for Shogun
Ashikaga Yoshimitsu. It is such a gorgeous and luxurious pavilion,right?


This is a Kiyomizu Tempuru where is famous for the magnificence of its
 height and view. I wish I could visit there again when the leaves turn red.

 These are souvenirs that was given by my son. It's for me and my husband .
They are the couple Chopsticks witten as" Long life"  and a stuffed
Deer with a rice cracker . We felt very happy upon receiving his presents.