Nov 2, 2012

a cool autumn wind

My garden has quite become autumnal.
 "Japanese toad lilies "are in full bloom quitely.
These flowers are a little bit quite and sober ,but they are perennial
plant and don't give trouble, so these plants have been in
 my garden since we built our house here10 or so years ago.
with  the pomegranates which my daughter got from her school.
These pure white crysanthemums are conspicuous now in my southern garden.
 This gorgeous flower called "Ginger" stands out a lot,doesn't it?
 This is one of my favorite flowers in my garden.
 This plant is growing bigger   year by year.
 These beautiful "Colchicum " is also one of my favorit flowers.
I took this picture in October.

I harvested some Chinese chives, and cooked " miso soup" which I
often I cook for breakfast, with them. A newly made miso soup
 is really delicious.

Our new pet, Loach
It's name is Pole.
Pole likes to keep still.
 Our Hermit crab is on the run.

 My children's birthday was last month. I felt very happy
 to see them eating my home made cake with gusto. 

As for my daughter, Unluckily, she broke her spine  during PE lesson last month ,
and she is wearing a corset now, can't take exercise for a few months.
But she go to school brightly every day. I do hope she gets better soon.
Have a nice weekend!  Take care!