Dec 12, 2012

Cute Otome Tubaki.

 Yay!  Today I am on a day off .  After I updat my blog, I wonder what
I should do..It is really cold today, the wind that coming from the
north is roaring outside, but, first, I will transfer my strawberry into
a bigger flower pot, then, I'll listen to some songs that I really appreciate
which are: Save The Best for Last, My Heart Will Go on" and
"A Song for you", etc.

One of my favorite flower, “Otome Cameria”(乙女椿), are at
their best in my garden. Otome means young lady. These flowers are
lovely as their name.

Heavenly bamboo ( nanten, 南天) that the fruit is so heavy.

Unseasonable bloom of “Ground Pink”…..What happened?

By the way, last month I visited Shosen Valley with my parents
and daughter. The place is one of the famous sightseeing spots in
Yamanashi Prefecture especially the falling leaves are colorful.
We wanted to walk in along river at Valley. Because of my
daughter's situation, we planned again to visit the place next year.
My daughter is still wearing corset and can’t ride a bicycle yet,
because of the injury that happened to her two months ago, however,
she's now getting better.

So, we climbed up by a ropeway from Shousennkyo this time.
We enjoyed the splendid view of Yasaburoudake which is
located 1.058 meters above the ground. Autumn is really the
most exciting season for us.


From the great view of an Observation Deck, We admired so much
the Mt. Fuji.

And also, from another Observation platform, we viewed the 
breathtaking sight of Kufo-basin  and Mt.Fuji.
We enjoyed our walks through the road but suddenly little by little
it becomes rugged and slippery, despite of that, we still had a lot of fun.

 My daughter and I made a lot of little round doughnuts.

I wondered if I sprinkled too much sugar.

 Our pet Pyon is very gentle and quiet. 

How do you like these characters called “Kakuremomojiri” and “Hotokeakabane” ?
 They seem to be both cute and disgusted, right?
They are turning into a bit of a fad between young people these days.
I used them as mobile phone strap.

 I made a Christmas wreath out of paper at the office yesterday. It's very easy and you can make it in a short time. By the way, the atmosphere here in the city is in a very jolly mood and everyone can feel the Christmas spirit. This is the best season for me. How about you?
Merry Christmas!!