Jul 18, 2012

When you wish upon a lily.

I can get a lot of summer vegetables in my garden now. In Japan summer season
 is burning HOT and humid, but I would stand for the terrible heat for good
summer veggies.By the way, today I  attended a parents and child meeting with
their teacher for career guidance in junior high school.I'm always worried that
my two children is having a too much relaxing time in studying.
 I think they will need to make more effort for high school exam.

I like this pink lily which stands out from everyone.

This is “Japanese beautyberry”. 
Those flowers are followed by a lot of little purple berries

 These yellow flowers (I don't know it's name ) are very lovely,
but they are growing excessively soon, That is a little bit trouble
 for my small garden.

 Lovely "Salvia.microphylla HotLips"


 Cool light violet -blue "Aflican lily"

My favorite variety of tomato "AIKO"

Some  tomatoes, bell pepper,  fresh lettuce and Japanese Basil in my garden
Japanese Basil is often used as a green garnish in our recipe.

 This (rice with NATTO and fresh “Japanese Basil” ) is a summer standard
 menu at my home.

A cute butterfly is taking a brake in my garden.

These are our children’s works.  They are taking Calligraphy lesson once a week
after school. The first one was written by my son, and the meaning of each four
Chinese characters are  “mountain(山)” ”water〔水〕” “sunlight(陽)”"light(光)”. 
We  feel "The buties of nature" from it 

This one below was drawing by my daughter. these two caracters( 家族/kazoku)
 represents "family" I really love  these two works which the nice words are written,
so that hanging on the wall in our living room.

It is  really hot here every day. Everyone, please take precautions against heat stroke.