Nov 30, 2011

Our adorable pet rabbit "Pyon"

Pyon is very timid and shy girl.
She doesn't  really come  out of  the cage,
even though we have take care her  preciously for three or so years ,
however, she adores getting  us  to stroke gently in cage.

Her perfectly round eyes are so cute!!

How tiny!! 
 Our lovely bunny!(When she had just become  a member of our family.)

Pyon's adorable gesture
Pyon doesn't like hug very much.
I wish  that i held her in my armes and  stroked her on my lap.ope
I hope Pyon will hop over to greeting me as I come back home.

Nov 28, 2011

Leaf - Peeping in my garden

A colorful rust-red color of Blueberry leaves is outstanding in my small garden.
I do also enjoy the sweet fruit, not to mentioning a fall foliage,  every year .
However, to my sorrow, i didn't have plenty of  berry in  this summer....probably because of neglect of watering :-C
 Enkianthus perulatus , Doudantutuji , is not brighter than usual.

A Nandin (Nanten) with heavy with fruit (seeds??)

I feel golden leaves of Hyacinth orchid  elegant.

Nov 25, 2011

An Elegant Rose

Isn't  this rose beautiful ?
I do love  a pale pinkish orange color and a sweet smell of the bloom.
The  lovely roses bloom two times per year (in spring and fall).

The way  the rose is open fully

Two Santas are just enjoying  my roses.

Nov 22, 2011

Autumn is the best season for Music

The KOTO recital

We enjoyed the KOTO concert at the last weekend.
My  loved daughter performed two children's  songs "Yuuyakekoyake""Momiji" on the koto.
It is  only 5 months since she started to practice the instrument , Although  She was able to play it beautifully without some mistakes.....You  made it!!

Nov 18, 2011

My favorite and old mobile phone

Here is my cellular phone, putting some straps with the characters in " ONEPIECE" and such,  My daughter gave them to me.
 these straps are  very popular with the kids whom I  have the care of.
They often  say to me  " I want these straps. Give them to me. Please.!Mrs...."

I want to use it affectinately until it gets out of order, however, I'm  very interested in  a smart phone:)

Nov 15, 2011

My favorite CAMERIA!!

Isn't this fower fabulous!  It really  lools lile a  rose , right?
 In fact, It is Otome cameria , an evergreen  tree with lots of flowers in autumn in Japan.
this elegant flower is so strong in the heat  and the cold, so It is  very easy to grow.
The whole of tree
The growth is so slow, so The pruning of tree is easy.

this is "Seioubo  Camelia" , an early cameria.
The dignified flower is start flowering in my garden in early October, the earliest time of our camelias.

I am a lover of cameria.

Nov 14, 2011


Today was a fine autumn day.
My son's soccer game was held at this playground here.
Guess what! .....they have won the victory. GOOD  job!

The central  player is my son who is center back today.

at parking lot near playground
It is mid-autumn  now.
Enkianthus perulatus : Doudantutuji ,are very beautiful.
So,In spite of me, quickly

I  did enjoy not only the soccer game but also red leaf.
It was really fantastic day today.

Nov 9, 2011

Fitghting with "scale insect"

Look at the below photo.  happening serious matter. :-(

The harmful insects have been brerding in large numbers on my beloved  Kumquat : Kinkan.
Although it is time-comsuming work , I've persevered in work which scrape the scale insects ( its botanical name is Coccoidea) , rubiiroukaigaramusi ,off by my hand or the toothbrush for non-chemical ones
 the scale insects is noxious in my garden, while  they say some of them are using as coloring matter. I was  pretty surprised! 8-(

Nov 7, 2011

The mums are in full bloom.

Meet  the spray mums: maifuusha. I love the patals using two-colours of the mum so much. It 's around two years since I started to cultivate them.
I increaced flowers by multiplication of plant by  separating two roots.
I'm very glad that these mums  never fail to come out in this season.

Nov 5, 2011


I've  sowed spinaches ,rape blossoms,and  edible chrysansemum in the planter and ground.  Spinaches like alkalinaty soil, so first  I limed  to adjust pH.
Last,  coverd earth with the nets for protection against some birds .

Nov 4, 2011

We was good exercise!

Today was not a perfect day for hike. It was cloudy,but We had wonderful time.
As scheduled,I and my daughter climbed to Mt.Takao,  about 50 km from Tokyo , to see the autumn leaves. Unfortunately,they haven't turned into red yet, but that view was beautiful  and majestic.

 First We climbed by taking a lift to halfway
 up to moutain,  to the top along  route 2.
 On the way the top,  visited The Yakuouin
 Temple  and  stopped by  some souvenir shop.

The temple, believed to have been built in 744 by Gyoki   Bosatsu under decree from Emperor Shomu, is dedicated to the Medicine Bhudda, Yakushi Nyorai.

 The Top was crowded with lots of                
 climbers ,were alive with mountaineers.
 Today is November 3, national holiday,so
 I think it is quite natural.

"Mitufukudanngo";the dumpling with sauce of walnut and
soybean paste,  is filling and great.
They say the age of this tree here is about 500 years old.

Zoutyouten" one of the four deva.

Nov 2, 2011

tomorrows'weather is on my mind.

I 'm going to climb Mt.Takao  for red leaves with my little girl tomorrow.
So I have to go to bed early. I hope it will  good  and warm day for hike.

** My precious Rakki **

We have kept a yellow female budgerigar for 4 years. Her name is "Lucky".
She is singing with a ringing voice all day

Isn't she eating  type of rape , komatuna , with relish?
It is her favorite food.

She is a great joy to us.



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