May 28, 2012

Astoronomical Show !

What happened to the sun on May 21th? In Japan, We  enjoyed
the rare Ring of Fire , annular solar eclipse , over wide areas along
the Pacific ocean. It is said that it was the first time in 932 years.

This is a picture that  the eclipse  just started, I had taken it without
glasses (I didn't look it in my eyes to keep  my eye in a good condition.)

The picture shows the sun at 7:24am.I tried to take some photes
with special glasses for eclipse on the lens .That did well.

this is the glasses.

I'm not sure why background in this picture had gotten  BLUE .
But it  was good chance for me.

At 7:32 am  YES!!! The long -awaited moment has come.Isn't it 
a spectacular?  What a beautiful ring of fire.


8:22am.  Oops! The cloud was almost obscuring the sun.
However, we were fully satisfied with the universal mystery.


Here are some pictures of the water paddy field which is located in
the eastern of my house. The moment rice field is coverd with water,
A cupple of  ducks come from nowhere every May.

I like a tranquil scenery very much.

Queen Elizabeth Roses just started blooming in my garden.

I tried to arrange them with the graceful orange roses (I'm not sure the name of the rose) in a cool glass's vase. Brilliant roses  are beautiful alone,aren't they?

Have a nice week!

May 20, 2012

Hello! Blestilla !

Yesterday, I had a medical checup: an eye and hearing test, blood test and
electrocardiogram,etc . All workers of the Children House where I'm working as
an instractor   have to have a checup once a year. I've been using a computer
for a long time ,therfore I have been worring about my eyesight. Happily , my
eyesight was the same as ever. I feel relieved. But I'm anxious to know the other
resuls of the test. By the way, I'd like to show you some phots how my garden go now.

Bletilla Striata( 紫蘭)

Without care, the flowers open every May.

Winged Spindle-Tree
These bright gren leaves will turn  beautiful scarlet red ones during autumn.

Gorgeous German Iris

This Clematis (C.viticella "Etoile Violette") is planted
at the sunniest place in my garden.

cute viola flowers

The snapdragons in my garden  propagate well by self-sown seeds.
A batch of boiled Bracken (plants growing  and
in the mountains ) which mother in law gave us.

This is a dish  which  boiled onion and  the above Bracken(蕨)
 flavored solty-sweet sauce with beaten egg.

I recently went on a gentle hike with my daughter.
Here is a picture of a mounded tomb

rambling forest path

Oh, What a pity!
It was not perfect day for hike , so the view from
the top of the mountin was not very good.

a fire beacon platform site

I tried to arrange  the Bletilla Striatas and  the Pasque Flower Plants
with showy fethery white seed heads. I like these flower vases very much.

Then, have a fabulous day!

May 7, 2012

Hot Tokyo Skytree in cloudy with occasional rain

 I went  out to see a hot place "Tokyo Skytree" and "kameido Tenjin Shrine"
with my parents and my daughter on May 4. Tokyo Skytree is broadcasting,
restaurant and observation tower with the public opening on 22 May 2012.
"Tokyo skytree" from the north front of Kinsityou(錦糸町) Station

On our  way to "Kameido tenjin Shrine"

We  found  this monument of 亀戸銭座跡 on the rout. It is said
that copper coins(寛永通宝)were made around here in the past.

We just arrived at Kameid Tenjin Shrine(亀戸天神社),which is
located in kotoku(江東区) Tokyo, and is very famous
 as a shrine for petitioning by students and others who wish
 to pass difficult entrance examination.

This shrine is also famous for the Wisteria blooming in spring,
and these flower is  the symbolic and representing flowers
in Kameid Tenjin Shrine along with Plum flower.

A gorgeous beauty of Wisteria flowers are  my favorite.

Wisteria Appraisal (藤祭り) is held  in this time of  year.

My parents and my little girl with Tokyo Skytree in the background

This red drum-shaped bridge is full of tourists.

In front of main building(社殿)

Many  tortoises  settle down in a pond there.

They say that Tokyo Skytree is the world's tallest tower in 2012, 634 meters high.

Unfortunately,It started to rain on our way to Oshiage Station 

This is a view from the foot of Skytree in the Oshiage area of Sumida City

We stated for home after having "Osusi" for dinner.

We walked for such a long time, we were good walkers today.
I want to see Tokyo skytree illuminated in dark next time.