Apr 30, 2012

I just desplayed a miniature helmet of armor

May 5 is Children's Day, Japanese national holiday, one of long the holidays which make up Golden-Week. This day is celebratede in oder to  wish the healthy growth and happiness of the boys  in the family.

 This is miniature helmet of armor which my parents gave us for my son when he was born. We hope he is always happy. Incidentally, He'll  have soccer game all day long on this May 5.

My Viora is blooming profusely now. Aren't they very dainty? They are easy to grow, but you  should water well in warm and dry wether  especiall when they are planted  in a flower pot.

"Azeleas and tulips "   Azelea flowers is small in number this year. Insects  may had eaten its buds ,I think.

one more of picture of tulips

I harvested some Edible Chrysanthemums to cooked them and squid  in vinegar.
I like a special flavor of Crown Daisy.

 Hear is a pics of  orange Elatior Begonia which was handed out from the school  after my daughter's graduation ceremony. It is placed near eastern window in my living room.

By the way, when I read English web site on gardening, I came across the word of  "1/8" soil". That word is new to me, and I googled it soon, but I didn't grasp it well. I wonder what a kind of soil it is. I only very occasionally have uncertain word like that:)

Apr 22, 2012


BIG NEWS!!  New pretty pets just  joined my family yesterday.
Ta-Da! They are Hermit crabs (陸宿借/オカヤドカリ).
Here's a picture of their house or a fish tank.
There are  food from pet store , cabbage ,water  and extra shells in
different size, which I picked up in the sea long before, a small
 electric heater to kepe warm inside in the tank.

Let me introduce four  new tiny  pets.
This  is "Kenji (研ニ)"

This is "Yutaka(豊)”



They are different in the color of  their bodies  or in size.
With respect to their name, my daughter named them after the
memmbers' name of "Goruden Bonbar” or "ゴールデンボンバー”
which a popular hair band with remarkable being dressed up in Japan.

I heard Hermit Crabs need to change homes when they grow and molt,
and to our surprise, "kiryuuinn(鬼龍院)" in just above picture molted 
 today immediately, changed the shells. Isn't it cute?

It is said care for Hermit Crabs are very easy.
We want to enjoy their entertaining actions from now on.

Here's a picture of Solomons seal plant that I've been growing them
over 7,8 years in my garden.They are increasing fast, have a little bit trouble in my
small garden. However, I am a lover of their bright, fresh ,spotted leaves

Apr 16, 2012

”Happy Sakura”

It's the season of cherry blossoms "Sakura" in Japan.
They are in full bloom at my workplace NOW

 Talking of my garden, "Moss  phlox(芝桜)" "Weeping forsythia
(れんぎょう)" "Thunberg spirea (雪柳)" are full bloom now. 
I have a great fancy for all the flowers.

This is a Pasqueflower(翁草).
I  happened to meet the feathery seedheads of these flowers while traveling
 in Okayama Prefecture before. I felt them so cute, and I thought that I wanted
to grow  them in my garden some day. And they is getting bigger  under
 the Kumquat tree in my garden year by year. I really like every fuzzy
flower buds, lovely purple flowers and fuzzy, feathery seedheads.


Camellia called  Seiobo(西王母/せいおうぼ)

I planted Red Leaf Lettuce's seeds ,which my father gave me,
 in last fall. and this goes well like this now. I harvested some
 to make a green salad with tofu.

These "bunchflower daffodils" last started flowering in my narcissuses.  
I just arranged them with fresh feeling.

Then, Have a WONDERFUL week!!

Apr 7, 2012

My Daffodils are at their best!!

Look!! I have a lot of sparkling DAFFODILS in full blossom in my garden.
I do love narcissuses. Why? I charm with their beautiful shape, sweet odor,
eye -catching color , above all they are easy to grow.

Garden Giant(ガーデンジャイアント)&Trumpet Daffodils(ラッパ水仙)
This picture is how  daffodils above were one month before.
These sunny -yellow-color daffodils came out
earlier than other ones this year.

these are much smaller than the  others.

I arranged them with Thunberg Spirea in a black vase.
Spring is in full bloom IN my front door.

Grape hyacinth, attractive bright blue flowers spread freely,
and so do Spring Star Flowers.
Grape hyacinth(ムスカリ/musukari)

Spring Star Flower(花にら/hananira)

By the way, I had my daughter's entrance ceremony at Junior High Scool
yesterday.Her homeroom teachers had been men for 6 years, so she hoped
her form teacher would be a woman. And  her wish was realized. Good!!
in front of cherry blossom trees in the school

Children grow rapidly.
We wish her a happy,wonderful life.

Apr 1, 2012

The superb outing with my relatives

 My cousin and her family and my family together went to "fruits Park "in Yamanashi Prefecture on one fine day late in  March.When I and my cousin were children,  ofen used to stay with each other's house.And, to our joy, we  have  traveled  in every summer  with each other's family  since the birth of our first child.

Here's a picture of my daughter and my cousin's children against Kofu Basin.

We also climbed "Mt.Yougai :Yougaiyama(要害山)" in the north area of Kofu city.
This is a pics of Mt.Fuji which looked out over from its top.
Unfortunately,the top of Mt,Fuji is coverd with some  cloud.

Here are two photos of its top.This mountain is not so high:Elevation 770 meters high but the mountain trail is really the steep slope,so very hard and tired to climb up. However ,It is easy to go down the hill 

The stone monument says that the birthplace of Singen TAKEDA(Sengoku busho
戦国武将;Japanese military commander in the Sengoku period)

And then,We stopped by "Takeda shrine" ,too

These are the videos how our children are now.They are making a racket.

We  really had a lovely time.