Sep 3, 2013

Two Precious Melons 

 It's already September .

I always think that time flies so fast, although the heat wave still blankets entire Japan.
Long summer holidays in most schools are already over in Japan, so my schedule is shortened.
In September, I usually work at noon. That’s why I feel relieved and happy now.

Now about my garden, I found out that melons are difficult to grow.
Although I tried to grow them for the first time this year, I didn’t get good results.
I have finally harvested only two little ones as seen on the picture above

At first, I actually  had four fruits ,but two of them changed their colors, their surfaces of the fruit have turned yellow.  Extremely strong sunlight than the usual year may have discolored them. 
I should have taken care of them carefully. I want to try growing melons again next year

A picture of rose of Sharon(日の丸木槿) like Japans flag.

I don’t know the name of the plant in this picture.
Itsuddenly grew beside the entrance in front of my house about 3 years ago.
It seems to be a perennial plant and It is  40 centimeters(16 inches) in height.
I haven’t seen it's flowers yet. I wonder how its flowers look llike.

I'm very interested in the plant's name.
I hope someone could tell me the plant's name.

These picture are Hokokuji Temple(報国寺) where I have visited with my daughter in the middle of this month. 
 It takes 15 fifteen minutes   by bus from Kamakura station, famous for bamboo.

When I was surrounded by a large  number of bamboo trees, there I felt refreshed and cool and I felt tensed due to the upright and tall bamboo.

I believe that the contrast between the green bamboo and red leaves in autumn must also be marvelous.

We took a rest over a cup of green tea in Houkokuji temple.
After visiting the temple, its been a long time since I went to Yuigahama beach(由比ヶ浜) in Kamakura. 
 On the way to Yuigahama Beach, We found a lovely goldfish in front of a shop .
It’s such a graceful one.

A firework display  in my local town

I've watched a latest movie, "The Wind rises"(風立ちぬ) by Hayao Miyazaki(宮崎 駿) who is famous Japanese film director.
The story really moved me so much.

I wish you a lot of happiness!