Sep 21, 2012

Green Star!

Recently, it is getting much cooler in the morning
and evening. YEAH!!  The better season for
gardening is coming here. The lovely flowers called
a “Blue Beard” are blooming in my garden..

Here is a "Gumbo” flower

It is very cute as a vegetables’ flower.

A section of gumbo is like a shape of a star,which is

really nice. But my gumbos sometimes are tough and

have a lot of string.

I wonder if  the less moisture of the soil causes it.



This dish is simmered with Kiriboshi daikon ( simmered

dried strips of radishes),which is a typical side dish of

Japanese home cooking. I garnished it with green stars.


By the way, There were  two big activities held in the
junior high school where my children went  last weekend 
for two days.  On the  first day, We had seen  Recitals of
a dance, short drama and singing in chorus inside a gym.

My son first sung with other two students “Sorannbushi /
ソーラン節 (traditional work song of fishery worker)” and
performed it with 20 or so students vigorously. The bouncy
song makes us cheerful. As f for my daughter, She played
the role of a turtle in dram called “Urashima Taro(浦島太郎)”

She played it confidently. I was proud of them.

So, my son belongs to his school’s cheering group for

three years. The last performance of the day's program 

 the rooters sung a fight songs .
If  you like, please enjoy their rooters’ song on this video.



By the way, this day was the day when they needed to take

a lunch box to school. They slasked me to cook cute and

 colorful lunches.

So, I trid to wrap some riceballs with tin foil with cute animals.
This was very popular with my son and daughter..

On second day, Athletic festival was held in school ground.

Our parents enjoyed watching my children and their

classmates do a ‘centipede' race (between teams of

runners with their legs linked together) , relay betweens

their classes , a cavalry battle.  I fully felt a great growth

of my kids through  these two days.  Fooray for bloom of youth!!!

If you like, please watch this video of the relay.
But I’m so sorry that the Video’s picture is not good.

My daughte and I went to Takeshita St. in Harajyuku, Tokyo ,
 where is famous shopping district which sale such a cute and
style clothes and accessories. It was really crowded. 
My daughter bought some accessories of her favorite idol group there.


On our way  home , after earing  goodtaste dinner with my parents and my children

in my hometown, fortunately we were able to watch fabulous

fireworks  through the space between some buildings.  Beautiful!!

What a lucky day it was!!   Fireworks video here

       Have a  wonderful weekend!!!!