Feb 18, 2012

Chocolate cake for V-Day

Even though, today I was one day off ,I was very busy.That's why I attended school  information session for my daughter to buy her school uniform and bags etc , and then I took my son to the hospital again. Because He has a bit fever ,a slight cough and complained of a bat headache. As his term-end exams are getting so close,hope he get well very soon.

This is a heart-shaped sweet chocolate cake,I made my son for V-Day.
 While saying "Umai,Umai (Ah, that's Good )" he ate up it with great relish  

Here is a  chocolate plump piglet which my mother sent to
my husband and my son.

And, cute birds and realistic alligators.My son jumped with joy
He especially loved big alligator, and has been saved it carefully.

but,in the end he just ate it with her sister   after being importuned
 her for alligator 

This is crepe with banana &chocolate for my family and READERS.
Sweets freshen up us,   Have a lovely weekend.


rainfield61 said...

Umai , umai.

The chocolate looks great.

And must taste good as well.

kumittyi said...

Thank you for warm comment.I feel like challenging another cake such as cream puff and cheesecake next time.