Mar 21, 2012

 My daughter's graduation ceremony  took place today.

The sky is clear today but windy and a bit cold .

I and my family are real happy that this faburous day comes safety.

She is a girl of strong character ,and she says "I want be a nurse in the future"

I hope her dream will be realized.

Look!A crocus just come out.
Its flower never fail to open in this right place, in gap in stones, 
in my garden in every March.I feel so delighted with that.

Here is the picture of a noble orchid plant,blooming now.
These have been planted under a Japanese snowflower  tree for about
five years.And The flowers are small and quiet  but noble and so decent.

It will not be long  before the  daffodils comes out.
I can't wait that.


Malay-Kadazan girl said...

sotsugyo omedetou. Hope she have a great cyugakusei journey.

rainfield61 said...


And everything must look very beautiful in this day.