Mar 10, 2012

My eyes are a bit itchy,and have a runny nose. Yes,I get hay feaver at about this time of the year.I love spring full of flowers very much,but yet it is also tough seoson for me, is allergic to pollen. My daughter's symptom of allergic states is worse than mine,so I'm taking her a ENT tommorow.

I have the cute rape-flowers in my garden now. I've just adorned the top of shoes box with bright yellow colour which lift our spirit up.

Its soft and tasty leaves and buts were eaten as boiled tenderstem broccoli last night.I tasted spring in it. 

Look at a phot of my favorit rose tree,which pink flowers comes out  I'm wondering  how many flowers will bloom in May. I can't wait.


Look at this picture of "Helleborus  plants".   Not nice they are?

 Well, I got the old clump of a "Chistmas rose" from a colleague from two companies ago . And I divided it into  pieces, then planted them in partial shade on the north side of my house.
I have been hardly caring for them since then, but they are growing thickly.Christmas roses are  surely easy plants to  grow.

I hope you have a great weekend.


rainfield61 said...

Winter may be a problem due to the freezing temperature, but I do not know spring is also a problem to some of you too.

But I certainly like spring.

kumittyi said...

In Japan,many Japanese are suffering from cedar pollen allergy in spring.But I'm getting better now,sometimes only take some medicines for hay feaver

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Lovely ideas how you decorate your gekkan/front door.

kumittyi said...

Oh,Thank you so much for saying that.I always feel very happy to decorate my Genkan with the flowers that coming out in MY garden.