Apr 22, 2012


BIG NEWS!!  New pretty pets just  joined my family yesterday.
Ta-Da! They are Hermit crabs (陸宿借/オカヤドカリ).
Here's a picture of their house or a fish tank.
There are  food from pet store , cabbage ,water  and extra shells in
different size, which I picked up in the sea long before, a small
 electric heater to kepe warm inside in the tank.

Let me introduce four  new tiny  pets.
This  is "Kenji (研ニ)"

This is "Yutaka(豊)”



They are different in the color of  their bodies  or in size.
With respect to their name, my daughter named them after the
memmbers' name of "Goruden Bonbar” or "ゴールデンボンバー”
which a popular hair band with remarkable being dressed up in Japan.

I heard Hermit Crabs need to change homes when they grow and molt,
and to our surprise, "kiryuuinn(鬼龍院)" in just above picture molted 
 today immediately, changed the shells. Isn't it cute?

It is said care for Hermit Crabs are very easy.
We want to enjoy their entertaining actions from now on.

Here's a picture of Solomons seal plant that I've been growing them
over 7,8 years in my garden.They are increasing fast, have a little bit trouble in my
small garden. However, I am a lover of their bright, fresh ,spotted leaves