Aug 7, 2012

Good Luck!

During summer , my working hours is a bit longer than other seasons, so I am rather tired.

At this time ,  especially in August we have less flowers than other seasons
 in my garden. so that these showy flowers, This Rose of Sahron
(Hinomarumukuge) are very valuables. It is easy to grow and can tolerate 
intense heat and cold winter. All I have to do is prun well for shape in winter.

These orange fruit look like very cute, right?  I often used to play with the
orange fruit of Ground-Cherry when I was a schoolchild.

This picture of Chinese lantern plant  was taken on
June 28. The fruit were still green then.

I just tried to adorn our  entrance hall with the lovely bells .

 These typical summer fruit are present from my husband's acquaintance.
These were  very fresh and delishous.

Reacently I visited to Tokyo SkyTree, the world's highest broad casting
towerin the news, with my daughter and my parents again. This time we
climbed up two observation decks

This is the lower observation deck, which is 350 meters high.
This upper observatory  is 450 meaters high. Unluckily, the field of vision is
not so good because of  cloudy skies. We were not able to enjoy a panoramic
view of  the whole Kanto area, but had a great time .

We walked around big shopping mall called Tokyo Solamachi and  took a
short rest while eating  tasty crepes
I bought Soda Pop for my son as souvenir of SkyTree.

This is my son's homebuild computer. He overdoes a computer every day,
so that I am always anxious about that.

 My son's soccer team won the championship in the last prefectural tournament.
So that they can go on next round, Kanto tournament. He and his teammates
have been getting  along well since they were schoolchildren. FYI,
 the boy lying in the front row and the leftmost in the picture is my son.

I do hope they will win victory in junior high school national soccer tournament.


Kate said...

Your daughter is lovely and your son is handsome too. How nice for them to be doing so well (even though you worry). That's okay, it's your job! So many nice family memories in your blog this week. Past and present. We played with olives when I was a child. The ripe ones made such a satisfying splat. The only flower here that loves the August heat is Yarrow. This Saturday is forecast for 109 F. Ouch!

rainfield61 said...

Though tired, you still have had many good days,

good and lovely kids,

and beautiful flowers.

kumittyi said...

Hello Kate!
Your heart warming comment always makes me happy. Thank you so much.
It was very interesing for me to know how to play with olives.
Plants are natural and familiar toy for children,aren't they?

Hello rainfield61!
I am always thinking that I want to find a new thing. But,I feel tired lately. Why don't I sleep a lot?