Mar 17, 2013

Exciting Thailand (First day and Second day)

Long time no post! 
My daughter and I traveled to Thailand at the end of last month.
We left Japan on February 23rd and came back here on February 27th.
The weather had been wonderful during our trip but it was very hot.
I was thinking about to visit the ayutthaya : the world heritage site for many years.
My daughter had an interest in riding an elephant so we rode it. 
I've just posted our best shots on my blog so we couldn't forget our Memories
in Thailand.  I'm going to post our photos in Thailand in serial form

  An in -flight meal     

To our surprised our favorite Haagen Dazs ice cream was served
on the airplane.(JAL) .  Our first exciting shopping in Thailand was
when my daughter got a snack in the airport.
We arrived in the hotel late in the evening
at around 10 and then we went to the nearest
 local convenience store, Seven Eleven which
is very familiar to Japanese too.
We were very excited to what were sold in
the shop. I found pink colored small eggs.
I wonder what they are.
We bought mineral water for 6 BAHT
( 約20円),  a bag of soft chocolate candies
for 5 B (約18円) and green jelly.
We stayed in there for 4 days.
At  a boat  boarding  spot.

There are numerous canals around Bangkok.They say it is called the
“Venice of the East”. This boat with an engine which runs at a higher speed
than I thought, and makes a big splash. We felt cool and comfortable
with a head wind.  Please click here so you can maybe feel that speed. 
Very busy river!

Damnen Saduak floating market(ダムヌンサムアク水上マーケット) seemed t
o change the sightseeing spot, but we enjoyed beating down the prices, bought
a nice bag with elephant designs and purple flower made of ribbons , a crocodile
like wallet for my son and a mural decoration of elephant.

Sugar are made from the sap of coconut tree .
a woman is boiling down the  sap. 
 finish products

The scenery in Bangkok city seen from the bus window.
The area around vigouros Pratunam market(プラトナーム市場).
A  lot of Street vendors have just cut and sold fruits such as mangoes
 or watermelons.

All streets are inundated with a lot of Thais and visitors.
The Streets are crowded everywhere in Bangkok city.
We tried tropical fruit like mangosteen. They tasted faint sweet, juicy and  flesh.
While I was choosing mangosteens in a supermarket called Big C,
a very kind woman told me that the mangosteens that are very soft to touch
are more delicious.  Thanks to her, we enjoyed sweet ones.

 Our room is very cozy, however we encountered a little trouble in the
bathroom when we were not able to drain the tub after taking a bath.
But on the next day, my daughter found out how to pull the plug and
the water was drained. And also the alarm clock in the room was broken,
good thing I brought one.
Everything in Thailand was seemed new to me. That day was really an exciting day.


rainfield61 said...

Maybe you and your family can come to Penang next time.

There are as many excitement as you can find in Thailand.

kumittyi said...

Hi rainfield61!
I actually have a big interest in Penang. I'd like to visit your country,too. I have to save a lot of money very hard.