Apr 1, 2013

Sightseeings in Bangkok(4)

This post is the continuation of the fourth day of our stay in Thailand .
The Temple of Dawn(Wat Arun) where is located on the west bank of the
Chao Phraya River, on the opposite side of river


We were walking for Tha Tien Pier(ターティエン桟橋) to visit that
sanctuary with our worries whether we were able to get on the right ship.
To my relief, we just got aboard smoothly. We successfully reached the place.
The boat ticket fee was 3B(約10円).

 It cost about 1000 yen to wear the costume.
She's wearing the national costume of Thailand.
She liked very much except the gold sharp long fake nails. I think this
yellow one suit her very much.
She put it on her clothes so she had been complaining that it's “really hot’.


This 75meter -high big tower decorated with multicoloured ceramic
tiles is beautiful and sublime

Such a splendid view !
Even if I was scared, it was worth while to go up a steep flight stairs though.

I was wearing jeans but it was too hot outside to keep them on,
so I bought a lap skirt made from cotton with some elephant
prints and changed from pants to a cool skirt.
It made me feel comfortable. See those skirts in the picture? 
Those were the pretty skirts I bought.





Here is on  the way to Khaosan Rd, the popular backpacking area.

We walked from Wht Arun to Khaosan Street.
It was quite a long distance. I think it took us about one hour. 

On the way to Khaosan, I saw a lot of street shops and vendors
which are selling  different kinds of inviting dishes. 
 I wanted to try them.  However, I have a bit poor digestion,
so I controlled myself not to eat them or else.  Even in Japan,
I hardly eat them.  Oh, I long for a strong and good stomach. 


I saw lots of black scorpions placed on the skewer and then arranged on a
tray there. I wonder what on earth it tastes like. I do want to know
 how it’s tastes.



An elevated sky-train: ride quality was good.

Gee! Our trip had just ended at last. Oh, No! I don’t want to go back
to my everyday life.  I had a ball in Thailand.
Bangkok was a fascinating and enjoyable cosmopolitan where old, modern ,
orderly and disorderly ones are mixed, I believe. I bet that I can live there
for a long time, if I can get any job.
The expiration date of our passport is in three more years. I wish I could
go abroad again within the term of validity.
All of my blog readers, thank you for reading the journal of my travel. Please have a wonderful day.


rainfield61 said...

You sure had a wonderful trip.

Kate said...

Hi Kumittyi!
What a wonderful tour of Thailand! I enjoyed your trip too.

de engineur said...

The old buildings/temples in Thailand are beautiful!

kumittyi said...

Hi rainfield61!
Yes! The trip was really awesome.

Hello Kate!
I am very happy to hear that. New experience always makes me excited.

Hello de engineur!
Yes! I greatly enjoyed the differances between the temples in thailand and Japanese ones

Fay Jesselton said...

Nicely written!
I would choose to starve rather than eating the scorpion hahahaha

kumittyi said...

Hi Fay Jesselton,
Yes,Yes, I agree with you, too.(^.^)/~~~