Dec 4, 2011

Only one Clematis flower!

A  small pink clematis (Ernest Markham) is in bloom in the cold.
Recently ,the high is about 13 degrees , and the low is 4 or so degrees
around here. It is really chilly. I do praise the teeny one for its heroic.

I've planted the seeding of violas in a pot.
 they are hardy , easy to grow , and usually profusely blooming plants 
 during winter when I have few flowers in my garden,
So I love them indeed.  I hope it grow bigger soon.


rainfield61 said...

The flower is a lonely hero.

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

It is really nice to have flowers blooming in winter. Just looking at them lift the spirit up.

kumittyi said...

@Malay-Kadazan girl-

Thanks for your nice comment.
Flowers blooming in bitter winter really warm our heart.
Winter really settles in. It is going fall powdery snow soon here .