Dec 9, 2011

A mistake

This is  late-flowering small chrysanthemums .
Though they  are a bit subdued and sober,
the fresh white ones show other flowers to advantage, I think.

Anyway,  To  my embarrassment  ,   
 Newly  I knew that "  Duck-billed platypus"  is    a mammal .  
I have been thinking they are   a family of  bird ,
as they lay eggs and  possess  a bird- like bill. 
When I talked to my son about a duckbill  , I just discovered it. 
 knowing new thing is very delightful    at any age :-))     

Live and learn

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Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Do you know that platypus lactate and give milk to their young?But they don't have nipples. Platypus maintain a very low body temperature compare to other mammal which is 32 degree Celsius.