Feb 26, 2012


My ex colleague hold a wedding reacently
It was SO lovely and impressive ceremony

With  my colleagues who used to work together....
We really relished  terribly happy and fabulous time.
I put on Kimono for the first time in the last two years.

We was deeply impressed with her nice direction such as
some nice Videos of her own making, some  big surprises,
very delicious dishes, their warm and nice speach.

She is very considerate , chaming and sensible woman.
I sincerely hope their hapiness.


rainfield61 said...

Both you and your ex-college are beautiful.

Does a bride put on Kimono in the wedding ceremony?

kumittyi said...

Recently ,a bride isn't getting to put on kimono in Japan.
But,Some bride take a picture dressed in gorgous kimono before ceremony in advance.

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

lovely bride and wedding!