Feb 11, 2012

Korea Part2

January 30, 2012, the third day in Korea. It was a wonderful day, but pretty cold,
piercingly cold outside, it was 6 degrees centigrade below zero that morning.However, luckily  it wasn't snowing ,that was so good.

This is a picture of Breakfast ,was very hot soup with Tofu and vegetables for us. But side dishes (especially squids  kimchi  and Namul ) was very delicious.Much to our joy , a waitress  bring another helping of the side dish to us soon when we run out of  it.If my husband and son were here,they would have another helping many times. BTY, Why they didn't  join us?.....That's why my son doesn't like taking a plane.I hear that he is very afraid of flying in the air. So they had been staying at home.

Chongmyo Shrine/宗廟 : 
All but 2 of the kings of Chosun Dynasty and their queens  are enshrined here.A woman in red , is proficient in Japanese,  is our guide here.

It was so cold that the pond had frozen over.If we visited here in spring, lots of fowers bloom , this place would be more lovely.

" Chongmyo Shrine / Cheongieon / 正殿" 
I hear the main shrine hall is the longest traditional structure in Korea.

Changgyenong Palace/永寧殿

A observation deck commands a wonderful view of ”Mt.Kitadake/ 北岳” 

The city of Myeong-dong
 There were hardly running any light vehicles on the street here.

" Myeong-dong/明洞"(Korea's trendiest shopping area)
My daughter delighted in a great many shops for young people.

This is the nice restaurant we had lunch.

Chichen ginseng soup is called "Samgyetang/サムゲタン”
It was really delicious so I may eat it every morning. However, regrettably, I can't find ginseng:)


seafood pancake海鮮チヂミ

 I was bewilderede at firsrt, because the way to buy a metro tickt in Korea was different from Japan.But a kind local people tought us how to get it.

See Metro lines map in Seoul.We got off at the station  the red arrow above pointed.It took  only 10 or so minutes from Dongdaemun/東大門

One ticket for adults and another for children

in-flight meal

We had thrilled time in Korea.  Travell is the highest pleasure to me.I wonder where I travell next time..... I 'd like to take a trip to Hong Kong or Malaysia or Morocco some day.


rainfield61 said...

I was, at one time, afraid of taking a flight.

I used to close my eyes when the plane is taking off.

Welcome to Malaysia, or Penang, if you would like to.

kumittyi said...

Oh,You were afraid of taking a flight before,weren't you?
I wouldn't still like to go on a plane, if possible.
I wish I could travel all around the world by TRAIN.