Apr 7, 2012

My Daffodils are at their best!!

Look!! I have a lot of sparkling DAFFODILS in full blossom in my garden.
I do love narcissuses. Why? I charm with their beautiful shape, sweet odor,
eye -catching color , above all they are easy to grow.

Garden Giant(ガーデンジャイアント)&Trumpet Daffodils(ラッパ水仙)
This picture is how  daffodils above were one month before.
These sunny -yellow-color daffodils came out
earlier than other ones this year.

these are much smaller than the  others.

I arranged them with Thunberg Spirea in a black vase.
Spring is in full bloom IN my front door.

Grape hyacinth, attractive bright blue flowers spread freely,
and so do Spring Star Flowers.
Grape hyacinth(ムスカリ/musukari)

Spring Star Flower(花にら/hananira)

By the way, I had my daughter's entrance ceremony at Junior High Scool
yesterday.Her homeroom teachers had been men for 6 years, so she hoped
her form teacher would be a woman. And  her wish was realized. Good!!
in front of cherry blossom trees in the school

Children grow rapidly.
We wish her a happy,wonderful life.


rainfield61 said...

Children grow rapidly.

So are we.

But hope that you are as beautiful as the flower, always.

Kate said...

Your Spring flowers are lovely and cheerful! Congratulations to your daughter and I hope your family enjoys a beautiful Spring!

kumittyi said...

Oh!! Thank you so much for warm comment.
I wish I had a medicine to keep my youth:)

kumittyi said...

Yes! Spring is really wonderful season,isn't it?

As an aside, I was born in the spring:)

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Oh your daffodils look glorious. Beautiful touch on how you decorate your flowers bringing them indoors. Wonderful that your daughter finally gets a woman as her homeroom sensei.

kumittyi said...

Thank you so much for your warm comment. It is one of purpose that I am growing plants for in my garden to decorate my livingroom or hall with my outdoor flowers:-)

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