Apr 16, 2012

”Happy Sakura”

It's the season of cherry blossoms "Sakura" in Japan.
They are in full bloom at my workplace NOW

 Talking of my garden, "Moss  phlox(芝桜)" "Weeping forsythia
(れんぎょう)" "Thunberg spirea (雪柳)" are full bloom now. 
I have a great fancy for all the flowers.

This is a Pasqueflower(翁草).
I  happened to meet the feathery seedheads of these flowers while traveling
 in Okayama Prefecture before. I felt them so cute, and I thought that I wanted
to grow  them in my garden some day. And they is getting bigger  under
 the Kumquat tree in my garden year by year. I really like every fuzzy
flower buds, lovely purple flowers and fuzzy, feathery seedheads.


Camellia called  Seiobo(西王母/せいおうぼ)

I planted Red Leaf Lettuce's seeds ,which my father gave me,
 in last fall. and this goes well like this now. I harvested some
 to make a green salad with tofu.

These "bunchflower daffodils" last started flowering in my narcissuses.  
I just arranged them with fresh feeling.

Then, Have a WONDERFUL week!!


Kate said...

Beautiful lettuce! I do want to touch that pasqueflower. It's so very unusual. Everything is very beautiful! Is it the right thing to say "happy Sakura"?

Ginnymo said...

What beautiful flowers and trees!! I want to thank you for showing me where to click to add this comment. I had wrote a whole paragraph and then clicked the wrong thing and got signed out so had to write all over again. I can't read Japanese..LOL So I'm trying again. Thanks for visiting my blog!

rainfield61 said...

The flowers are happy, so am I...

kumittyi said...

"Sakura" has many images such as "cherry blossom viewing" "drinking party:)" "farewell" and "encounter" for us. Of course lots of Japanese enjoy cherry blossom viewing this season.
"happy Sakura" sound good.I like it very much,and I just changed my title to "happy sakura".

kumittyi said...

Oh,Thank you very much for writing all the comment over again.I think I want to display all my blog in English,but I can't do well. But I will try it again like you.
How I wish It could go well.

kumittyi said...


Malay-Kadazan girl said...

YOur flowers from your garden is stunningly beautiful. Lovely flower arrangement you have there!

rainfield61 said...

All these flowers remind about the flowers that I have eaten in Korea during my last visit.

kumittyi said...

Dear me!The same flowers as mine are blooming now in Korea.It's interesting. Thank you so much for the nice information.

kumittyi said...

Thank you for saying so. I am wondering what kind of flowers I arrange next time.It is fun to me to think of it.