Apr 1, 2012

The superb outing with my relatives

 My cousin and her family and my family together went to "fruits Park "in Yamanashi Prefecture on one fine day late in  March.When I and my cousin were children,  ofen used to stay with each other's house.And, to our joy, we  have  traveled  in every summer  with each other's family  since the birth of our first child.

Here's a picture of my daughter and my cousin's children against Kofu Basin.

We also climbed "Mt.Yougai :Yougaiyama(要害山)" in the north area of Kofu city.
This is a pics of Mt.Fuji which looked out over from its top.
Unfortunately,the top of Mt,Fuji is coverd with some  cloud.

Here are two photos of its top.This mountain is not so high:Elevation 770 meters high but the mountain trail is really the steep slope,so very hard and tired to climb up. However ,It is easy to go down the hill 

The stone monument says that the birthplace of Singen TAKEDA(Sengoku busho
戦国武将;Japanese military commander in the Sengoku period)

And then,We stopped by "Takeda shrine" ,too

These are the videos how our children are now.They are making a racket.

We  really had a lovely time.


Kate said...

Beautiful family! And a fine, sunny day for a hike in the woods. Mt. Fuji looks a lot like our Mt. Shasta with its white top.

rainfield61 said...

Mt. Fuji is the mountain that I always admire.

I visited Tokyo many years back.

I managed to view Mt. Fuji from very far away inside a train.

kumittyi said...

Thank you so much for comments.I'm very happy.
I didn't know your Mt.Shasta,so tried to google it soon.It is really the magnificent mountain,isn't it.
They surely are looks very similar.

kumittyi said...

Wow!You know Mt.Fuji,don't you?
I haven't climb it yet,but I'm thinking of climb the highest mountain in Japan some day.And I want to post the Photos of Mt.Fuji:)

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