Nov 9, 2011

Fitghting with "scale insect"

Look at the below photo.  happening serious matter. :-(

The harmful insects have been brerding in large numbers on my beloved  Kumquat : Kinkan.
Although it is time-comsuming work , I've persevered in work which scrape the scale insects ( its botanical name is Coccoidea) , rubiiroukaigaramusi ,off by my hand or the toothbrush for non-chemical ones
 the scale insects is noxious in my garden, while  they say some of them are using as coloring matter. I was  pretty surprised! 8-(


RNSANE said...

There always seem to be pests to affect our gardens. I so much enjoyed all the beautiful flowers and plants I saw during my very brief time in Japan, especially during my three days in the prefecture of Akita ( I certainly enjoyed the sake there as well! )

kumittyi said...

Thank you very much for your comment.
The prefecture of know, I've visited there to see Akita kanto Festival in my was so energetic.I'm afraid to say, can't enjoy the sake there. I live in place where is famous for grapes and peach,is far from Akita.

rainfield61 said...

Kimkan, it pronounces like we do.

And we use to decorate our home with golden colour kimkan during Chinese New Year.

kumittyi said...

Dear me! ...Kimkan.
It is like Kinkan in Japan,isn't it.
Thank you for your comment indeed. I certainly think that decorating with rich golden fruits is just right for pomp New Year.
In Japan, We use to decorate a mandarin orange on round rice cake during New Year.