Nov 4, 2011

We was good exercise!

Today was not a perfect day for hike. It was cloudy,but We had wonderful time.
As scheduled,I and my daughter climbed to Mt.Takao,  about 50 km from Tokyo , to see the autumn leaves. Unfortunately,they haven't turned into red yet, but that view was beautiful  and majestic.

 First We climbed by taking a lift to halfway
 up to moutain,  to the top along  route 2.
 On the way the top,  visited The Yakuouin
 Temple  and  stopped by  some souvenir shop.

The temple, believed to have been built in 744 by Gyoki   Bosatsu under decree from Emperor Shomu, is dedicated to the Medicine Bhudda, Yakushi Nyorai.

 The Top was crowded with lots of                
 climbers ,were alive with mountaineers.
 Today is November 3, national holiday,so
 I think it is quite natural.

"Mitufukudanngo";the dumpling with sauce of walnut and
soybean paste,  is filling and great.
They say the age of this tree here is about 500 years old.

Zoutyouten" one of the four deva.

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