Nov 15, 2011

My favorite CAMERIA!!

Isn't this fower fabulous!  It really  lools lile a  rose , right?
 In fact, It is Otome cameria , an evergreen  tree with lots of flowers in autumn in Japan.
this elegant flower is so strong in the heat  and the cold, so It is  very easy to grow.
The whole of tree
The growth is so slow, so The pruning of tree is easy.

this is "Seioubo  Camelia" , an early cameria.
The dignified flower is start flowering in my garden in early October, the earliest time of our camelias.

I am a lover of cameria.


rainfield61 said...

The flowers are beautiful.

They are my favourite too.

kumittyi said...

I'm very glad to share the beauty of the flowers.