Jan 5, 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!  May this year be happy and fruitful for you.

I  have decorated the entrance hall with the flowers bloomig
 in my garden  for A New Year. I arranged  flowers (Pine tree , Nandin  , mum , etc)
on a black , round vase.

My family , my brother and his family visit my parent' home to celebrate 
the new year  at this time of the yeaar .
We enjoy specially prepared Japanese new year's food (Osetiryori)
and  rice cake and vegetable soup called  Ozoni and drink Otoso there .
The decorative cut of boiled fish paste (Kamaboko) above was made by my son.

On  every New Year's Day, We go to  a big temple of the Soto Zen sect  
near my parents' house to pray for happiness , 
good health and good luck for the year  together.

 We watch "The Tokyo-Hakone collegiate ekiden race", held annuall 
 in Japanese New Year , along the street every year.

We went shopping at "Mitui Outlet Park Yokohama Bayside ", 
 built right next to fine marina, by Seaside Line on January 2.
 Popular brand items, interior goods and so forth are cheaper
 than regular prices there.

 New Year's holiday is  a time for big sales. My mother and me each
found nice bags  ,my daughter bought  a cute bag , cosmetics and
 some lucky bags full of valuable goods(Fukubukuro) 
 : department stores or shopping malls sell when they open
after the start of the new year.

We all had a wonderful time together, had a ball.


rainfield61 said...

Say hi and happy new year to all your family members.

Chinese New Year is approaching. I am going to have reunion dinner with my mother and other family members in new year eve.

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Looks like a very fun family gathering. The New Year dish looks very good.