Jan 19, 2012

My indoor nice plants!

Here's a pic of a Geranium plant with small orangish pink ( my favorit color)
 flowers which I got it from my parents. As it is weak in cold wether,
I grow it indoors. I move  by the window to expose it to the sun in every
 morning. I replace it on the shelf  before I go to work.
 I cherish the lovely gift.

And this is a foliage plant, evergreen" Pothos". It lives a happy(maybe)
life with my family in my living room for 8 or so years.

BTW, I'm going to travel abroad at the end of this month after a very
long interval. I can't wait for authentic "KIMCHI"


rainfield61 said...

Bon Voyage.

I hope you also like Malaysian Foods.

kumittyi said...

I haven't eaten real Malaysian Foods yet.but I'm very interested in them.
I hope to visit to Malasia to enjoy them some day.I love Chinese food very much,especially sweet-and-sour pork.

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Your geranium plant is very pretty. Hope you had a fun trip to ' KANKOKU'?

kumittyi said...

That's right.I really enjoyed KANKOKU, was unwilling to return to Japan:) haha. I had just returned to normal life yesterday.