Jan 11, 2012

What a goof I am!

Aren't  the red temmples of a pair of spectacles so lovely ?

Today, I went shopping at a big shopping mall  with my daughter by my car to buy  her eyeglasses .
As the optician's was on sale and very crowded, it took a long time until her cute glasses 
were completed.  By the time we recived them and headed for such a big parking lot,
 It had gotten quite dark.

OMG. I'm an airhead.....We had forgotten  where We parked my car. 
We  looked for my own car here and there some time. 
An idea of "No Way!!! It has been stolen" crossed my mind . I was in a harry. 

I had some Traffic ControllerIs search the parking lot with me.
......... Much to my relief, finally we found it.  From now on, I have to comfirm  firmely  the place
where I'll park it, I thought.....It was one day I reflected on myself  a lot.   

How do we  look??


rainfield61 said...

What an "adventure" in the car park!!

kumittyi said...

As you say ,If I think my big failure "adventure",
it makes me happy. Thank you so much, rainfield61.