Apr 30, 2012

I just desplayed a miniature helmet of armor

May 5 is Children's Day, Japanese national holiday, one of long the holidays which make up Golden-Week. This day is celebratede in oder to  wish the healthy growth and happiness of the boys  in the family.

 This is miniature helmet of armor which my parents gave us for my son when he was born. We hope he is always happy. Incidentally, He'll  have soccer game all day long on this May 5.

My Viora is blooming profusely now. Aren't they very dainty? They are easy to grow, but you  should water well in warm and dry wether  especiall when they are planted  in a flower pot.

"Azeleas and tulips "   Azelea flowers is small in number this year. Insects  may had eaten its buds ,I think.

one more of picture of tulips

I harvested some Edible Chrysanthemums to cooked them and squid  in vinegar.
I like a special flavor of Crown Daisy.

 Hear is a pics of  orange Elatior Begonia which was handed out from the school  after my daughter's graduation ceremony. It is placed near eastern window in my living room.

By the way, when I read English web site on gardening, I came across the word of  "1/8" soil". That word is new to me, and I googled it soon, but I didn't grasp it well. I wonder what a kind of soil it is. I only very occasionally have uncertain word like that:)


rainfield61 said...

Oh, no.

I have hundreds of helmets waiting for you to collect.

What a coincidence.

Kate said...

Hi Kumittyi!
I see so many familiar and beautiful things on your blog. However, I have to say I've never seen a miniature helmet or flowers served with squid. Wonderful! Best wishes to your boy during Golden-Week. I hope the team wins! When someone talks about one eighth inch of soil, they're usually talking about seed that is just barely covered because it needs light to germinate.

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Your viola is very pretty! Hope you have a lovely Golden Week :).

kumittyi said...

Hello, Rainfield61!
I feel the same way.
NICE coincidence!
But,they both are a bit too small for my son's head.

I deeply appreciate what you have explained the meaning of "1/8 soil " to me.
I had at first guessed that it meant percentage of a different kind of soil such as black earth , red soil and leaf mold.
I found "1/8" in a sentence "sow viola seeds・・・・”on a blog entitled "How to Grow Viola Plants".
Thanks to your information,
I just grasped it .

Hi,Malay-kadazan girl!
Oh Thank you.
I went to parents' house with my daughter,and visited some places which are talked about now. we had great Golden Week.