May 28, 2012

Astoronomical Show !

What happened to the sun on May 21th? In Japan, We  enjoyed
the rare Ring of Fire , annular solar eclipse , over wide areas along
the Pacific ocean. It is said that it was the first time in 932 years.

This is a picture that  the eclipse  just started, I had taken it without
glasses (I didn't look it in my eyes to keep  my eye in a good condition.)

The picture shows the sun at 7:24am.I tried to take some photes
with special glasses for eclipse on the lens .That did well.

this is the glasses.

I'm not sure why background in this picture had gotten  BLUE .
But it  was good chance for me.

At 7:32 am  YES!!! The long -awaited moment has come.Isn't it 
a spectacular?  What a beautiful ring of fire.


8:22am.  Oops! The cloud was almost obscuring the sun.
However, we were fully satisfied with the universal mystery.


Here are some pictures of the water paddy field which is located in
the eastern of my house. The moment rice field is coverd with water,
A cupple of  ducks come from nowhere every May.

I like a tranquil scenery very much.

Queen Elizabeth Roses just started blooming in my garden.

I tried to arrange them with the graceful orange roses (I'm not sure the name of the rose) in a cool glass's vase. Brilliant roses  are beautiful alone,aren't they?

Have a nice week!


Kate said...

You had so many things happen for you this week! The ring of fire photo is wonderful. I love roses too. Are your orange ones 'Tropicana'? Your collection of colored glass is lovely. My Grandma left me lots of colored glass. Is yours old too?

rainfield61 said...

Haha, I see a piece of doughnut in the sky.

kumittyi said...

Hello, Kate!
Thank you so much for giving me good imformation about the name of my rose. "Tropicana" Wow! very nice name. I'd like to call it "Tropicana" from today.haha.
By the way you have lots of colored glass,don't you? Wow,that's very nice. As for mine, I got it nearby home appliances department reacently for eclipse.

Indeed,it looks like doughnut. I feel like eating a chocolate doughnut afte a long time.