May 20, 2012

Hello! Blestilla !

Yesterday, I had a medical checup: an eye and hearing test, blood test and
electrocardiogram,etc . All workers of the Children House where I'm working as
an instractor   have to have a checup once a year. I've been using a computer
for a long time ,therfore I have been worring about my eyesight. Happily , my
eyesight was the same as ever. I feel relieved. But I'm anxious to know the other
resuls of the test. By the way, I'd like to show you some phots how my garden go now.

Bletilla Striata( 紫蘭)

Without care, the flowers open every May.

Winged Spindle-Tree
These bright gren leaves will turn  beautiful scarlet red ones during autumn.

Gorgeous German Iris

This Clematis (C.viticella "Etoile Violette") is planted
at the sunniest place in my garden.

cute viola flowers

The snapdragons in my garden  propagate well by self-sown seeds.
A batch of boiled Bracken (plants growing  and
in the mountains ) which mother in law gave us.

This is a dish  which  boiled onion and  the above Bracken(蕨)
 flavored solty-sweet sauce with beaten egg.

I recently went on a gentle hike with my daughter.
Here is a picture of a mounded tomb

rambling forest path

Oh, What a pity!
It was not perfect day for hike , so the view from
the top of the mountin was not very good.

a fire beacon platform site

I tried to arrange  the Bletilla Striatas and  the Pasque Flower Plants
with showy fethery white seed heads. I like these flower vases very much.

Then, have a fabulous day!


rainfield61 said...

You have a lovely trek.

And welcome to the world of hiking.

Kate said...

What a beautiful post! You show so many things. Lovely hike, delicious food, and spectacular flowers. I didn't know you can eat ferns. Your Bletilla and iris are wonderful!

kumittyi said...

Thank you very much for your welcome.
I'm planning to hike a mountain covered with azalea next month.
I can't wait.

My hubby raised and brought on mountains,So,He likes edible plants grown in mountains like ferns and Fatsia sprouts very much.
Therefore We eat them in early spring as spring of taste. But It is said that they are harsh to the taste,for that reason We take care not to eat them too much.