Nov 30, 2011

Our adorable pet rabbit "Pyon"

Pyon is very timid and shy girl.
She doesn't  really come  out of  the cage,
even though we have take care her  preciously for three or so years ,
however, she adores getting  us  to stroke gently in cage.

Her perfectly round eyes are so cute!!

How tiny!! 
 Our lovely bunny!(When she had just become  a member of our family.)

Pyon's adorable gesture
Pyon doesn't like hug very much.
I wish  that i held her in my armes and  stroked her on my lap.ope
I hope Pyon will hop over to greeting me as I come back home.


rainfield61 said...

Pyon, say hi to me.

Ginnymo said...

She's beautiful!! My granddaughters have a pet bunny too. It's a chocolate color.

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

She is very adorable. I mistook her name for ponyo at first. But she is cuter than the ponyo girl fish.

kumittyi said...

She wants to give her Christmas greetings to you badly.
Thank you very much for leaving your comment. If you have your blog with the pictures of your granddaughters'bunny , I would like to know it.
@Malay-kadazan girl-
Thank you so much for your praising my pyon.
"Ponyo" sounds very good too. If i keep some new pet some day , I will name it ponyo, I think.